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Ideas That Can Grow Your Business Text Messaging Via Facebook

Facebook is social media king right now its right time to get a lead and enlarge your business on Facebook. In case, you are in Business Messaging services and Facebook is not involved in your marketing strategy then you are far behind & need to do that things. It is the simplest, most effective way […]

We give words to your business: Textmybiz

Textmybiz is an innovative business application that allows a two-way communication between your business and your customers through landline phone text messaging . You can use the application as per your need or requirement. You can use the application as your personalized business card and send it across the market, thus deepening your penetration and […]

Textmybiz: Taking your business to another horizon

Every time my phone beeps, indicating I apparently received a text message, I am delighted and all the more thankful to information technology, for bestowing us with this boon. Simple, readable within seconds, these text messages, have in a way revolutionized the communication scenario. Well this is what, this robust application, Textmybiz is all about- […]

“Let the world know about your business – Textmybiz ”

No business can prosper if the world around you doesn’t know about it, it can never be done in isolation. In today’s world, where everybody is shifting to extensive marketing and spending a major part of the capital on promotional activities, Textmybiz offers, unique, affordable, advantageous, and flawless easy to use business text number service. […]

5 Places To Promote Text Business Messaging Services

For small businesses & start ups, instant messaging services are important for project collaboration & communication. Business Message becomes most important part of plan when you are working with freelancers, remote employees, traveling clients, or on projects that require immediate attention and communication. As business people, we need to recognize the tremendous opportunity that we […]