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“Let the world know about your business – Textmybiz ”

No business can prosper if the world around you doesn’t know about it, it can never be done in isolation. In today’s world, where everybody is shifting to extensive marketing and spending a major part of the capital on promotional activities, Textmybiz offers, unique, affordable, advantageous, and flawless easy to use business text number service.

A text message can do a much better work than a learned marketing business; it not only reduces the moments of truths, but is crisp, fast and error-proof.

The app can be used with an i-phone, i-pad or a personal computer, where in you can receive and texts to all your customers and fulfill their demands and queries. The text can even be sent to your landline phones, which would automatically be sent onto your desired PC or phone.

So enter into a new era of more marketing, text marketing,business messaging and let the world know about you and your business.